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Malcolm Lane
60 Hackthorne Road
Christchurch 8022
New Zealand

Phone: +64 3 9425748
Cell: 021 0584721 (Please text)
Email: lanemalcolm@gmail.com

For 1 to 1 information on tuition using Skype, enquire at lanemalcolm@gmail.com

NEW!  The Tutor (including CD tracks) is now available in downloadable form for a much cheaper price than the hard copy booklet. Open this PDF file below for details:

Information on Downloadable Version

Blues Harmonica Tuition

Contact / Purchase

The hard-copy (posted out) tutor costs NZ $34.95, or US $29.95 (if buying from outside New Zealand).

The electronic (downloaded) tutor costs NZ $8.00, or US $6.00 (if buying from outside New Zealand).

Use the currency converter to find the exact cost in your currency. Delivery for the hard-copy version is free anywhere in the world. For a purchase, you must of course include a postal address.

Payment options include internet banking or cheque within New Zealand, or PayPal (USD) worldwide. Allow 10 days for hard-copy delivery after the order and payment are received, and a further 7 days if funds need clearance. The download version is paid for by the same methods but will be emailed to you in a much shorter time.

All communications will be acknowledged as soon as possible and all personal information will be kept confidential. If you have any questions, please use the enquiry space below.


If you want to pay by Paypal, simply click on the appropriate button below;
otherwise, bypass the Paypal buttons and fill in the boxed form beneath the buttons - the amount you enter into the 'amount sent' box ($34.95 or $8.00) will tell me which form of the tutor you want.

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Electronic (downloaded) version

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