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Blues Harmonica Tuition

The Music

See if you like these audio clips of harmonica playing in some different blues styles.
To play a clip, click on its name. Note the advice below the list.
NB Video performances follow the audio files.

If these appeal, the tutor may be for you. It teaches the different techniques needed to produce these sounds.

Rock blues Green and Sunny Weather Part II Comp.   Malcolm Lane (1.15 Mb)
Folk blues Breakdown Comp.   Steve Gainsford (580 Kb)
Latin blues Latin Lady Comp.   Rocky Moore (1.15 Mb)
Jazz blues Bluestime No. 1 Comp.   Malcolm Lane (450 Kb)

NOTE: These are MP3 files. The file sizes are noted in the right hand column. For your browser to be able to play MP3
you must have installed a player such as WinAMP or the Real Audio Plugin (see www.real.com).

The following video performances were recorded with Steve Gainsford in 1994.

And finally, some rock and roll harmonica ...

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