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A Blues Harmonica Tutor with a Difference

'How to play blues harmonica by ear' is an easy to read tutor (comprising a comb-bound booklet plus a 40 track audio CD) aimed at the blues lover who wants to participate in making blues music using the cheapest and simplest instrument available. You can place an order for it on this website.

It differs from other tutors in cutting notation and symbolism to an absolute minimum, emphasizing instead the importance of listening, and then doing, largely eliminating the usual intermediate step found in music tutors of having to interpret visual symbols before being able to play.

It features a removable quick guide relating directly to the tracks on the CD, as well as a removable reference table relating every reed of the simple diatonic harmonica to the relevant element of the blues scale when played in cross key style. These (and the CD) are enclosed in a plastic envelope incorporated into the tutor binding.

The manual explains concisely in plain English how to play unbent and bent notes, the structure of the blues, how to vamp, and how to develop the important techniques that help make the simple 'blues harp' the very expressive instrument that it is. Vibrato, slides, octaves, wide chords, blues trills ('shakes'), percussive effects, phrasing, soloing, improvisation, the playing of melodies and working with other instruments and vocalists are all explained using both unaccompanied and contextual audio examples (many with a full band).

With the large A4 format and colourful presentation making for easy and enjoyable learning, there is no reason why you can't play the blues, even if you have no previous knowledge of music - and do it on the smallest and most portable of musical instruments, the 10 hole diatonic harmonica!  Inquire about it, or place an order.

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